Nursing Social Media Platform

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We hope to develop a nursing community through a social media platform for nurses by nurses.  With features similar to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, we can connect with each other through private messages, a Global Feed, Timelines, Groups, and Forums using a fully customizable profile that fits who you are.  The best part, is that your profile can be completely anonymous if you want it to be and separate from your other social media outlets.  

Becoming a member of the this platform  is free of charge and always will be for nurses.  We will never sell or use your personal information to anyone else and will always do what we can to maintain your privacy.  The Social Media Platform is for everyone from all specialties, backgrounds, licenses, and personalities to get together to better the nursing industry through a collective voice [ Learn More ]

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Global Feed

See what's going on site-wide with our Community Feed. You can filter your feed with 20 variables that will ensure you will only see what interests you. Keep involved in the community and Become Enlightened!

Member Groups

A wide variety of groups to keep you engaged in any category of nursing. Stimulating conversation, sharing information and helping each other out is the name of the game with our Groups! Join one today!

Member Forums

Question and answer style forums helps you ask the important questions and access the knowledge of thousands of nurses willing to help you with real world knowledge. Ask us anything!

Hospital & Agency Reviews

Write Without Retribution – Read Without Worry

Browse and review hospitals, facilities or employment agencies related to the healthcare industry. Using your profile you can write honest reviews and comments to improve the working landscape of our community.  Search for what you want through detailed filters and read real reviews by other nurses. [ Learn More ]

Hospitals & Facilities

Through reviewing your hospital or facility, you help other nurses Become Enlightened! There are over 7,000 hospitals listed, review yours today!

Employment Agencies

Browse agencies, review them and connect with recruiters. There are many great agencies out there; lets help other nurses find them. Working together we can improve the nursing industry.

Free Job Listings

Find the right job with the right recruiter!

If you are a recruiter, you can create a custom profile that reflects who you are and post job listings for free!   Nurses will benefit from a myriad of filters and search options to find that right job and are able to better shop for recruiters who care about their nurses. 

Nursing Jobs

Search and comment on any job listing. Find that perfect job you have been looking for. Whether it be full-time, part-time, per-diem or travel, we can help you find that job!

Nurse Activism

Bringing Activism To The Masses

We want to make it easy for you to sign petitions that will be sent to your Congressional Representatives. Our National Nurse and Patient Safety Initiative can provide a collective voice of nearly 4 million nurses nationwide.  Let your voice be heard by signing the petitions that mean something to you and make a difference today!. 

National Patient and Nurse Safety Initiative

Nurse Nirvana is working to provide a campaign to help nurses come together to enact change through social media and a national hashtag of #WeAreAllPatients to bring public awareness and demand Congress pass safe nursing laws.  Through making nurses safer, patients are safer!  

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The three main petitions in the National Nurse and Patient Safety Initiative include; National Nurse to Patient Ratios, Dangerous Work Conditions and Mandatory Overtime Regulation.

Information Hub

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The Information Hub is where you will find all types of articles, news, polls, and surveys.  You can submit an article of your own and share your knowledge with the rest of the Community.  Some of the articles are written by our staff and members, others are links to informative sites and articles all over the internet. Each of the 5 Icons Below will bring to to a different part of the Info Hub.