Here are a collection of great websites and resources to make nursing easier for you.
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General Nursing


These resources cover all aspects of general nursing

Nurses is a forum site for nurses and students. By becoming a member you can  exchange industry and career related information and advice in a well established database of answers in a wide range of topics.
. is a great resource for all nurses. Travel Jobs, Hospital Reviews, Career Guides, Nursing Education, Scholarships and a

Pipes has fast become a great resource with Healthcare Profiles and Resumes, Skills Checklists, Secure Broadcasts, Document Management and Universal Documents along with great articles in a wide range of themes.

Registered Nurse RN is where nurses can learn about the different types of nurses, education requirements, and nurse salary statistics. Access care plan examples, nursing school study tips, NCLEX review lectures and quizzes, nursing skills, access job resources such as interview tips, nursing job resumes, and job search tools.


The National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) provides education, service, and research through collaborative leadership to promote evidence-based regulatory excellence for patient safety and public protection.


Articles galore and current breaking news in the nursing world. It is centered in England and many of the articles have things to do with their healthcare system.  Still a good resource and made our list of interesting links. 

Discover Nursing is a website owned by Johnson & Johnson you can find info about salary info, specialties, interviews, career paths and a huge database of nursing schools including ones that don’t have wait lists.

Center has peer-reviewed nursing journals and continuing education resources, nursing school resources, a blog and continuing education information and resources.  

Magazine is an online magazine that totes itself as “The Nurse’s Guide To Good Living” has everything from careers, nursing school, beauty and style, health, fun and quizzes!

Travel Nursing


Great resources for travel nursing, we have found these websites a wealth of information anyone who currently travels or wants to.

Wanderly Jobs

At Wanderly you can review pay packages obtain assignment information,  anonymously chat with recruiters, and upload your documentation including checklists, immunizations, yada, yada.  It’s not a job board, lead generator, or a owned by a travel agency. 

Highway Hypodermics

A really great and attractive site run by Kay Slane who has also wrote a successful book about travel nursing.  They have reviews as well that appear detailed and accurate.  A really nice site for travel nursing.  “Providing the roadmapfor today’s traveling nurse.”


This website is a virtual gold mine of information for travel nursing.  Know what you need to know to protect yourself from the IRS when traveling.  There are ton of laws and it is your responsibility to know them. 

GSA Per Diem

If you want to know if the rate you are getting is fair, you can check on what the government states is acceptable for the city you will be working and living in.  This site is the Gold Standard of per diem rates.  Use their search tool to find a city and find the rate for that time of year. 


The Professional Association of Nurse Travelers is a great resource with: Membership information, Resources, Legal Concerns, Tax Information, Editorials, Articles, Columns, Cartoons and Useful Links


NATHO is a non-profit association of travel healthcare organizations, founded in 2008 to promote ethical business practices in the travel healthcare industry, setting the gold standard for conduct that is aligned among member agencies on behalf of travel healthcare candidates and clients.


A really good RV related site with articles and resources for those travel nurses who do so by RV.   In 2016 RV LIFE was acquired by Social Knowledge. The brand that owns & operates dozens of popular RV websites reaching more than 15 million readers per year.

Score is a site that shows you neighborhoods and cities across the USA and gives them a score of walkability.  Walk Score’s mission is to promote walkable neighborhoods.  Before you live somewhere, this kind of information can be valuable to know!


One of the best sites for finding rooms, apartments and places to stay in any given city across the US specifically for travelers of all kinds.  This is an up and coming site for travel nurses in securing housing when traveling. 

scrub squad

This group was formed with Travel Healthcare providers in mind. Its unique inclusion of Places to Visit on assignment makes it a different kind of group. It is also different as it is the only group (to my knowledge) that looks to raise money solely for charity, the Organization of Autism Research. Our team has a ton of travel experience, passion, and drive to make this one of the premier groups in the industry. Any Sponsors or advertising monies will go directly to the Organization for Autism Research as we are not looking to profit in any way from this endeavor; only looking to provide a positive influence to the industry.



Some of the professional organizations and lobbyists for nursing rights and activism. 

World is the American Nurses Association who advocate for just about anything nursing field related.  Their Advocacy section can be found HERE. 

The ANA is one of the best resources for journals and ethics as well.

The National Student Nurse Association wants to bring together and mentor students preparing for initial licensure as registered nurses. They advocate for high quality, evidence-based, affordable and accessible health care. and advances in nursing education.

Nat. Nurses

National Nurses United is an advocacy group who is relentless in their pursuit for everything from Nurse to Patient Ratios and Medicare Reform to Workplace Violence.  Get envolved!

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