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Browse and review hospitals, facilities or employment agencies related to the healthcare industry.   Through honest reviews of our listings,, we improve the working landscape of our community.  We do this through praising the company listings that treat nurses in the way they deserve and letting other nurses know about the company listings that do not.  #WeAreAllPatients

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Why Review?

Honest Reviews

Honest reviews are the key! Nurse Nirvana does this through only allowing registered users to review a company. Reviews are monitored the best we can, yet rely on users to report a listing with unfair reviews.

Maintain Privacy

We believe it's important to be honest and give a review without fear of retribution. Member profiles can be set to private and/or do not need to contain personal information. We value your privacy, make your IP address anonymous in server logging and want you to feel comfortable reviewing. Check out more below!

Enact Change

By reviewing, you contribute to a community who relies on our members. We notify the nursing industry what is important to us and that we will not work places that put nurses in danger. This will eventually change the landscape.

Fair Discussion

Gone are the reviews where people cannot defend themselves and their business. Agencies and hospitals can respond to reviews and give their side as well. As nurses we gather information and assess. Our reviews allow you to hear every side of an issue.

Multiple Aspect Review

Through using multiple aspects of a company for reviewing, you provide more accurate reviews. You don't only give just 1-10 stars, you rate certain aspects important for nurses, those aspects are then joined into one 10 star review.

Add / Claim Listings

By registering on the site, you are allowed to add a listing. If there is a hospital or agency that isn't listed, you can add one. If you already own a listing on the site, you can claim ownership and begin customizing for free.

Listing Filters

Customize What Is Important To You!

When you browse listings, there are a list of filters that allow you greater control of what you see in the search results.  None of the filters are necessary to browse listings yet narrow your search.  You also have the ability to sort the data as well to greater organize your results.   #BecomeEnlightened

Hospitals And Facilities

Search Filters

Filter hospitals and facilities by Region, State, Hospital Category and Number of Beds. If you are searching for a specific hospital, you can always use the keyword search, and find exactly what you are looking for quickly and easily.

Sort By

You can sort the listings by Top Rated on the site, Latest Listing added, or alphabetical. Once you choose your filters, sorting organizes your search to what matters to you.

Employment Agencies

Search Filters

Filter employment agencies by Region or Agency Benefits. Regionalize helps you narrow your search for an agency in a specific area of the country. Filtering agency benefits helps you find the right agency that caters to what matters to you!

Sort By

You can sort the listings by Top Rated on the site, Latest Listing added, or alphabetical. Once you choose your filters, sorting organizes your search to what matters to you.

Adding A Listing FAQ

Yes.  Only those registered will be allowed to add a listing of any kind. Click Here To Registers Now!

This is a free service to all members of Nurse Nirvana.  It will always be free for nurses to use, however at one point, there may be a nominal charge to agencies and hospitals to post jobs and take over their listings.  At this time, it is not necessary to do so. 

All you will need are pictures that accurately represent the listing, It is as easy as answering questions in then clicking submit. Any information can later be edited by the person who owns the listing.  

Listings are good for 30 days initially if member created.  Once an admin approves the company listing, it will be available for 1 year. 

After submitting the listing, they are immediately posted.  An admin will then review the listing and either make it claimable if it’s created by a member.  A member will not be able to edit the listing once approved.  The company who owns a listing can claim it then at any time.