Who are we?

We Are Nurses Who Want To Make A Difference

Nurse Nirvana was started by two Registered Nurses who wanted to make a change in the nursing industry.  We have been nurses for approximately a decade each and as travel/contract nurses for the last 5 years.  As travelers, we got to see the country, work hand in hand with a diversity of nurses, see how other facilities are run, and work with multiple recruiters, agencies and hospital systems.  You also see the injustices, poor staffing situations and safety concerns. 

 We wanted to fill a void and make a place where nurses can get together and discuss anything related to nursing and interact like never before on the internet.  Make a Difference!

We didn’t create this website to get rich or create some type of mega business.  We are doing this to make a place where nurses can make a difference in nursing, and have a place to free discuss and interact.

It is Your Community!  Our Community!  Do as you wish with it, it is totally free and always will be.    

Social Media

Forums, Groups, Comments, Reviews, Listings, Blog, Polls and More 

There are plenty of review sites, blogs, forums and social media platforms.  All of them are great!   Nurse Nirvana was made to be a place where information comes together.

Currently there is a separation of information from multiple specialty sites on the internet making it difficult to mobilize ideas across multiple sites and platforms.  If we could merge together the functions of those sites into a social media community that allows personal input on every aspect of the site, we could create a Community.   We wanted to make a place where a nurse can choose to interact privately if they wish.  This is what you can do with your Member Profile:

  • Create a customized profile where certain aspects of your personal info is kept secret, or you can make your entire profile private with options as to who can see it.
  • Interact with other nurses through forums. groups, article comments, polls, reviews surveys and petitions.
  • Write and read;  news, original articles, reports, polls, and reviews
  • Review hospitals and agencies to better help other nurses looking for employment and allowing members, recruiters and hospitals to interact with those reviews.
  • Become a stage for the nurse’s voice.  Unify the nursing community in purpose through activism and lobbying for safer nursing laws.
  • Interact privately to help conceal your identity. 
    There is more about privacy HERE.

It is time to get together and discuss the nursing industry, help each other out,  answer questions, collaboratively lobby and create positive change in the nursing industry. We can share our experience in a Community that does not require you to share your personal information.

When you create an account, you gain all access. You will be able to create a personalized member profile with tons of options that show the world some of your style. Make sure you pick a great “Display Name” , set your privacy settings and get started joining the many groups and forums. Your profile will follow you all over the site and make it easier for people to interact with each other.

Make sure once you register, you then activate your account. This is to cut down on spam and dishonest intentions. You must use a valid email address and check your spam folder for the activation link.


Review Without Retribution – Read Without Worry!

We wanted to create a place where reviews are “anonymous” yet attached to a profile.  Anonymity is up to you through your privacy settings and information you decide to put on your profile.  Very little is required to start a profile. 

 We wanted a place where our feelings can be expressed and read by other nurses without retribution.  We wanted to create a place where the reviewed company can defend themselves as well.  By reviewing Hospitals, Facilities and Employment Agencies, two things happen:

1.  You share your experience with everyone and in turn help others choose employment opportunities more wisely.

2.  You let Hospitals, Facilities and Agencies know what is important to you, which will in turn prompt them improve business practices. 

If nurses are consistent on reviewing their experiences, companies will have to listen to them.  If jobs can’t be filled due to nurses not wanting to work for someone, they will need to change what is broken or pay more to those willing to put up with the problems.  

Articles & News

Blog, News, Member Submitted Articles, Reports and Polls

We maintain a blog that can be found under Blog Articles.  We wanted to share a perspective on nursing issues that affect you.  We also search the internet for interesting news stories, special interest pieces and technology and bring them to you.  Polls and surveys help us to understand what nurses want and use that information for activism in the field. Caution Reports has links to websites where you can report injustices in your working career. 


Hospital and Agency Listings

Learn More About Hospitals And Employment Agencies

We have heard from other nurses that they don’t know much about hospitals they want to work for and needed a place to read about them.  As a travel nurses, we wanted to know more about recruiters and hospitals equally.  We decided to create a listing database of both.  Nurse Nirvana has a comprehensive database of hospitals and agencies.  It will be up to those companies to claim their listing and begin customization of their profile to better help nurses know where and with whom to work. 

Hospitals And Facilities

Filters Hospitals

Filter hospitals and facilities by Region, State, Hospital Category and Number of Beds. If you are searching for a specific hospital, you can always use the keyword search.

Sort Hospitals

You can sort the listings by Top Rated on the site, Latest Listing added, or alphabetical.

Employment Agencies

Filter Agencies

Filter employment agencies by Region or Agency Benefits. Regionalize helps you narrow your search for an agency in a specific area of the country.

Sort Agencies

You can sort the listings by Top Rated on the site, Latest Listing added, or alphabetical.

Job Listings

FREE Job Listings For Recruiters and Agencies

We wanted to make job listings free for members of our community.  Recruiters and agencies can easily add jobs and manage them through their own Job Dashboard.  We want recruiters to be able to personalize their presence on this site by creating a profile.  Once creating a profile separate from their company listing, they can begin posting jobs in multiple job categories.  Nurses will love searching by:

  • Gross Weekly Pay
  • State
  • Region
  • Company Name
  • Specialty
  • Hours per Day
  • Shift
  • and Length of Contract

How Do I Get Started

Yes.  Only those registered will be allowed to participate in many activities such as reviews, joining groups, forums, adding listings or jobs, submitting articles and much more

 Click Here To Registers Now!

This is a free service to all members of Nurse Nirvana.  We value our nurses and provide this free to them forever.  If you are a Hospital or Facility,  There will be a small nominal fee to post and maintain your company listing.  Employment Agencies are also free. 


e recommend you do not use your personal information.  We value your privacy and anonymity.  Your IP address is the only thing that is logged and your email has to be real, other than that, we suggest you get creative with your profiles and customize them to your liking.  


Recruiters must have the name of their agency on the profile and will only be able to add listings if their agency has an approved business listing.  Full personal names are not necessary. 

In the upper right hand corner you will see this icon If you are using a computer it will say Sign Up / Login.  Once you click this icon you will have the option to Sign In or Register.  

Registration Help:


Make sure you use a username you remember.  This is what you will use when logging in to the site.  It must be all letters and is case sensitive, with no spaces.


Make a password you can remember


You will need to put it in two times.  Only a valid email can be used.  One of the Email fields you can set it to private, public or friends.  

 Display Name: 

This is the name you will be known by on the site.  Be creative with this!  You can put nearly anything you want as your display name.   

After registering, we will send you an email.  CHECK YOUR SPAM OR TRASH FOLDER!!  The email we send you will have an activation link you will need to complete before being able to Login.  Click or Copy the link to a browser and activate your account.  Now you can login and begin creating your profile.

Customizing your profile is easy.  Once you have Logged In,  click on the arrow next to your display name:

In your Profile Settings, you will be able to customize your profile. 

Make sure you upload a Profile Cover and Picture under .  The Widget  Settings are the bulk of your Overview which is what other people see.  For more on Profile Customization see below…



Profile Customization

How Do I Customize My Profile?

Once you have logged in, and gone to your profile settings, you will be able to change information. Once you click the colored buttons you will see a lower section below them.  Anything clicked in the lower section will change the information on the right. 

Profile Settings:

This information is where you change general information, profile pictures, cover photos, and adding your social networks, and changing your “Display Name”  

Account Settings:

Changing your notification settings under this tab.  You can also change your password, and Account Privacy settings as well from the Account Settings.

Widget Settings: 

This is the area that really shines for changing the way your visible profile looks like.  Add all sorts of information, videos, Instagram feeds, galleries, etc.   Fully customize the way your page looks!


Our Slogan is Become Enlightened

No we’re not Buddhists, however we did bring some of the Buddhist symbolism into our brand.  Nirvana is a “state of liberation”.  We use the Blue Lotus Flower which stands for “victory of the spirit over the senses, intelligence, wisdom and knowledge.   According to prominent Buddhist Matthieu Ricard: “Enlightenment is a state of perfect knowledge or wisdom, combined with infinite compassion.”  We love this!  We want to become enlightened in the nursing world and we want you to Become Enlightened too!

We are intelligent, we have gained wisdom, we have gained knowledge.   Let’s share that intelligence, wisdom and knowledge with each other, to become collectively liberated from the issues facing nursing.  Nurse Nirvana would like to extend a warm welcome to you, into our community!