Caution Reports

We have assembled some resources to keep you informed of hospitals that cancel travelers, provide unsafe working conditions, or generally hurt the nursing field through it's practices and policies. We are advocates and it is our duty to report when a hospital or facility provides an unsafe or unstable working condition.
The views and opinions expressed on these websites are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Nurse Nirvana.
We need to stick together, report abuse, and through these two resources, enact change

Gypsy Reports Travel and Staff Cancellation Database

Here is what Gary Mendoza says on his website


“I have been a travel nurse for more than 5 years. In 2017, I noticed an increase in travelers being canceled and something in me just snapped. After one particular post on Facebook, I decided something needed to change. So on April 26, 2017 I decided to put my rusty web design skills to work and start a database to keep track of which facilities cancel travelers and it very quickly grew into tracking and storing more. On May 24, 2017 I changed the name from to because the project had grown into more than just tracking cancellations and I wanted a website name that reflected a more accurate description of its purpose.

Why? Well, facilites and agencies track travelers to know who they want to avoid; since they are tracking travelers it is only fair that we track them too! Facilities have been able to cancel travelers without any repercussions for far too long. Well, I want that to change. My goal is to get every healthcare traveler to report their canceled contracts so we can see which facilities to avoid. If a facility is canceling a few travelers each month I want to avoid them, but if a facility is only canceling a few travelers per year I might be willing to give them a chance. That is why this website was started.”


Flo's Whistle Patient Safety Infraction Map

Flo’s Whistle is a secure, anonymous platform where direct care nurses can log instances of compromised patient safety due to inadequate staffing. 


Reports will be aggregated and shown on a US map. This year-long, prospective, experimental data-collection project will help us all better understand the magnitude of staffing-related dangers.

We believe that professional nursing care providers who are at the bedside, providing direct care, are far more accurate judges of patients’ needs than any administrator or consultant with spreadsheets and algorithms.

America’s nurses are highly educated and rigorously trained to give excellent care, but when we’re deprived of the time and resources required to deliver that care, too often we fail our patients. This is unacceptable.

With Flo’s Whistle, we’re following the example of nurse Florence Nightingale, a pioneer in the use of statistics and visual display of data. Her research revealed patterns in causes of death among soldiers in the Crimean war, lighting the way for rational policy reforms, and dramatically reducing the suffering and loss of life. We hope to do the same.

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